A team of specialists

Expertise and local presence

Head Office

More than 230 staff apply their skills and expertise for the institution in Paris. Teams investigate and seek solutions to claims sent to the Defender of Rights, while monitoring changes in the law. A multidisciplinary team (sociologists, lawyers, political experts, demographers, etc.) designs and implements the institution’s policy of promotion of equality and access to rights.

A national network

The Defender of Rights has a national network of delegates. It is a unique local service with almost 500 volunteers throughout France, including the Overseas Territories.

They hold surgeries in almost 875 centres (prefectures, town halls, law centres and courts, etc.), and in prisons and detention centres.

The delegates are at the heart of the institution’s access to rights system: they listen to and help anyone who finds it difficult to establish their rights. They support, advise and direct them in the procedure. They also directly deal with a large number of individual claims via negotiated settlement. Head office only takes over when such a solution has failed or proved impossible.

Delegates also participate in promoting access to rights by awareness campaigns and representing the institution vis-à-vis the general public and local personalities. In certain areas, this promotion work is done by a salaried territorial adviser of the institution.