The delegates

A national network

The Defender of Rights has a national network of delegates. It is a unique local service with almost 500 volunteers throughout France, including the Overseas Territories.

They hold surgeries in almost 875 centers (prefectures, town halls, law centers and courts, etc.), and in prisons and detention centers.

What can a delegate do for you?

After knowing your situation, the delegates will inform you about your rights, help you in your steps, and if necessary, reorient you towards a structure that will be able to better help you. Delegates can, for example, contact the services of an administration and propose an amicable solution. They can also initiate a procedure.The Defender of rights delegates can help you if :

  • you have difficulties with an administration or a public service;
  • you feel that the rights of a child are not respected or that a situation calls into question its interest
  • you feel you have been discriminated against.

A unique service on your doorstep

There are Defender of Rights delegates available nationwide.

Anyone looking for assistance with asserting their rights can contact them free of charge at more than 750 reception points in mainland France and overseas.

These can be found in Maisons de la Justice et du Droit (legal advice centres/MJD), Points d’accès au droit (free drop-in centres for anyone looking for guidance on legal matters/PAD), prefectures or town/city halls for example.